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I am currently working on a few projects for ENGL 756: Digital Literacy for the English Professional at IUP. Please feel free to peruse my work!

Twine Storygame Lesson

I first discovered Twine during the 2018-19 school year, when I was student teaching. allows students to create "choose your own adventure" stories in their web browsers, using simple coding. At the time, my creative writing students used it to practice narrative writing. During the upcoming school year (2023-24), I would like to incorporate Twine into my Creative Writing class, as well as my Honors English 10 classes. This project is an example for Honors 10; their task will be to create their own journey "into the wild" after reading Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild.

Here is my lesson plan and storygame, titled Into Yosemite.


In the podcast link above, fellow 10th grade English teacher, Ms. Cassidy Black, and I discuss technology in our classrooms. We appreciate the Google suite tools at our schools, but since the pandemic, we have repeatedly pushed out Google-related assignments. Follow along as we discuss the new, non-Google tools we want to implement in our classrooms to foster more student engagement for the 2023-24 school year.

Music for the podcast is "Shenandoah" by SalmonLikeTheFish - brought to you by the Free Music Archive.

Omeka Gallery Walk

At the beginning of my unit for The Outsiders, I ask my students to reserach the 1960s, in order to better understand the setting. This Omkea page is a digital gallery walk, which houses important photos from the 1960s for my students to explore.